Laudate in the Lounge

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In April 2020, more than 350 current and former Australian university choir singers, aged from teens to seventies, combined to produce Laudate in the Lounge, the ‘Biggest Laudate* Ever’.

Over a period of five weeks, the project grew from a crazy idea to a quartet singing to a keyboard guide track to a massed choir of people, each making their contribution from their bedroom, kitchen or, as the name says, lounge room.

Laudate in the Lounge was born of the strange times in which we find ourselves. While we would normally be connecting with others physically, emotionally and musically in choirs, currently we are confined to four walls (and, if we’re lucky, a garden). This has left an aching need for community. The idea, the time, the place, the people – all it needed was for the fuse to be lit.

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Laudate in the Lounge is proudly presented by the Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association (AICSA), the body representing numerous choirs at Australian universities and tertiary institutions.

Pete Nurse
April 2020

* Rumours & urban legends abound about how “Laudate” (‘Laudate Nomen Domini’, by Dr Christopher Tye, 16th century) overtook Gaudeamus as the anthem of the AICSA choirs in the 1970s.

Laudate in the Lounge – the Choral Cut

It’s a moment all choristers know.  Lights dim.  Silence. The conductor bows and turns to the choir. A moment of intimacy between conductor and choir. An arm is raised. Tension, anticipation, excitement. We all breathe in and… sing!

Enjoy The Choral Cut, our version of Laudate in the Lounge from the choristers’ perspective.

Laudate in the Lounge – Laudate Con Stomp!

The final part of the “Laudate In The Lounge” project, where we let go & have a bit of fun with our favourite choral anthem.

We hope you have enjoyed our lockdown-inspired creativity, and all thanks to Pete Nurse for his inspirational idea & driving force to make it happen.

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